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Free Meals Served

Monday 12-1
Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm
Wednesday 12-1
Thursday 5:30-6:30pm
Friday 12-1




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The students are gone!

HELP NEEDED-as the campuses empty, so goes our kitchen. If you could volunteer for 1 shift it would be very helpful.

Please call!

Volunteer Opportunities
We could not offer hospitality, nutritious meals and practical assistance to our neighbors in Tompkins County without the help of over 100 dedicated, caring volunteers each week. 1


Kitchen Volunteer Opportunities (no weekend hours)


We are currently in need of volunteers for our serving & clean-up shifts


۞  Monday, Wednesday and Friday                           

                     - Preparation                           9 am - 11:45am

                     - Serving & Clean-up            11:45am - 1:15pm

                     - Clean-up                                1:15am-2:30pm


 ۞    Tuesday & Thursday

                     - Preparation                             2:30pm - 4:45pm

                     -Serving & Clean-up               5:15pm - 6:45 pm ^:

                     - Serving & Clean-up              6:45pm - 8:00 pm




         Events & Projects

         Meal preparation & service;

         Visiting with guests during meals

         Weekly laundry (a critical need)

         Pick ups & errands

         Craft Projects or Music during meals

         Program Support

         Photo archiving



Opportunities for Groups

         Events & Projects

         Provide desserts

         Songs or music during a meal

         Holiday decorations

         Canned food drives

How do I get involved?

         Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for scheduling

         Fill out Volunteer Information Sheet and return it to the office

         Read Volunteer Guidelines before starting your first shift



If there isnít a shift that works with your schedule, come down and share a meal, visit with guests and be a part of the Loaves & Fishes experience.